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The Returned Series ¦ 1 – The Returned


The Returned Series

1 – The Returned


You are born on this planet, this mysterious rock flying through space. You come into this world with nothing – naked, nameless, and without any ideas or opinions. But all of that quickly changes. From the very first day of life, an identity is imposed upon you as people care for you, talk to you, and teach you. They tell what your name is, who you are and what you are. They teach you right from wrong. Suddenly, what was once a blank slate begins to fill up.
It isn’t long before they send you to school, where you might be labeled as smart or talented. The education system plays a huge role in shaping a person’s identity. It tells you what your natural strengths and weaknesses are; it teaches you to operate in a certain system of rules and regulations; it shapes your entire world. For the first two decades of life, maybe even more, you are constantly learning and forming an understanding of reality.
But have you ever stopped to ask yourself: who am I? Am I this name, which my parents gave me? Am I this body, which I inhabit? Is this really all that I am? Did my life really begin when I came out of the womb? Do I cease to exist when they put me into the grave? Should I believe in a religion, simply because I was born into it? What if all that I have learned, everything they taught me, was a lie?
If you ever have asked yourself these questions then this series is for you because what we want you to know the truth – you were not just born here, this is your return.


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جُند الله أَصْحَابَ الرايات السود المشرقية يَزأرونَ بِالظالِمِينَ كَفى

جُند الله أَصْحَابَ الرايات السود المشرقية يَزأرونَ بِالظالِمِينَ كَفى

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